A special blend of acids and a powerful wetting agent used to remove scales and built up soap scum or oils & other acid sensitive dirt. Acidic in nature has no effect on human skin. To be used only on ceramic tiles, sanitary wares and not on marbles.


To remove scales from urinal bowls, toilets. To remove grease, oil dirt from the surface. To remove rust and scales from the pipelines. To remove water marks from various surfaces. Descaling of concrete and quarry tiles Acts as a germicidal agent.


1 : 10. 1 Lit of EMICLEAN ® SS is diluted with 10 Lits of water. Then, it has to be applied on the surface and allowed to react for 10 minutes. Then a moping/scrubbing will remove the soil completely. However, the dilution factor has to be arrived at site based on the thickness and strength of the dirt sticking on surface. Dilution from 1: 5 to 1: 20 can be done.


Sulfonate surfactants, Ethoxylates, Acids and DD water.


  • Appearance : Clear pale colour liquid
  • Odour : Slightly aromatic
  • Active matter : Min 30%
  • Free Chloride Content : Max 0.2%
  • pH : App 2 – 3
  • Specific gravity @ 200'C : 1.250
  • Viscosity @ 200'C (CPS) : > 50


Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and open body parts. If accidental contact happens, splash with ample water for 2 minutes. Do not ingest.


EMICLEAN ® SS should be stored in cool and ventilated area. While handling, wear gloves and goggles. Irritation to eyes and skin. Wash with plenty of water.

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